Apple AirPods Pro Update Latest Firmware Patch not Good for Noise cancellation, here is how to Upgrade

Apple released the firmware update 2C54 for AirPods Pro before they went out of stock during the last holiday sale. The updates were meant to improve the overall performance of AirPods Pro earbuds, but there have been certain drawbacks too.

One of the popular rating aggregator sites found out certain problems regarding noise cancellation in the AirPods Pro firmware update. Apple AirPods Pro users must think twice before installing the latest updates and here is how you can upgrade your earbuds to patch 2C54 by yourself.

AirPods Pro Firmware Patch Update Review

AirPods Pro Firmware Patch Update Review

Apple firmware update 2C54 was released in December 2019 for the AirPods Pro and can be installed over the air. The patch updates were focused on improving and upgrading AirPods Pro’s most popular noise cancellation features and sound production quality.

One of the reviewer sites who tested AirPods Pro after installing firmware update 2C54 shared how it has affected the earbuds. It was concluded that there is a “fairly significant improvement” in the bass accuracy and responsiveness is also made “significantly better” by installing the latest update. However, the noise isolation feature, mainly in the bass range have become worst for the Apple AirPods Pro after the update.

It means that after turning on ANC, the earbuds won’t do a proper job of blocking rumbles of planes or buses as they did prior to the update. While the non-audiophiles could not hear the little difference in the sound quality of AirPods Pro with firmware version 2C54, users who mainly use it for noise cancellation features should rather not upgrade until the issue is solved.

AirPods Pro Update: How to Install the Upgrades?

AirPods Pro Update How to Install the Upgrades

Apple AirPods Pro are automatically updated when they are connected with any of the Apple devices such as iPhones or iPads with a working internet connection. Many of the AirPods Pro users who are using the earbuds with Android smartphones are confused about how to update in the latest firmware patch as there is no option showing up.

Well, there is no way to update the headphones via non-Apple devices, the only way is to connect your AirPods Pro with iPhone, iPad, or Macbook and start the firmware installation for the earbuds.

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