Best Buy Apple MacBook repair iPhone

Apple has partnered with Best Buy to offer certified repair services for its iPhones and MacBook.

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Best Buy and Apple join hands

The Cupertino tech giant has reached an agreement with Best Buy, which will help it expand its partnership with Best Buy.

Apple gains a lot from this deal as it now offers more places where customers can get their Apple device repaired. After this deal, Apple will add more than 1000 new locations where certified repairs are available.

Apple has certified the 7,600 of Best Buy Geek Squad, to carry out the repairs on Apple products including iPhones and Macbook.

According to a report of CNN, Apple has pushed hard to triple its service location within a year. Apple also told media that now it has added 1,800 third-party certified repair providers in the last three years.

According to Apple, this repair network including the official Apple Store, Best Buy Repair Centers, and third-party repair center to put every customer in reach.

iPhone Repair

Vice President of AppleCare, Tara Bunch, said that the company is dedicated to providing the best customer support in the world. She said that Apple wants it, customer, to feel confident when they get their products repaired.

She further added that the company is exploring ways to expand its repair service network while using trained technicians. According to her, Apple is excited to partner with every Best Buy store as it provides easy access to their certified repair service.

Best Buy Apple Deal

Reports hints that this deal would help Apple capture the foot traffic moving into the Best Buy centers. This deal also allows Best Buy in enhancing its business strategy.

After the news broke out, Best Buy stock went up by 0.21 percent, and Apple’s stock rose by 0.47 percent.