Apex Legends for Mobile Release Date Delayed

Apex Legends has been a huge hit and an instant success. EA and Respawn teamed up to create this battle royale themed game, which although similar to PUBG and Fortnite, has a lot to offer of its own! Apex Legends, however, is available only for PC and consoles at the moment. Apex Legends for Mobile is expected to come out in 2019 – but you might have to wait for long.

Apex Legends for Mobile Release Date
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Released in February 2019, Apex Legends for Mobile has been a constant demand from the fans ever since the first day. Let us take a closer look and see when the game will come out.

Apex Legends for Mobile: Tentative Release Date

As of now, neither Respawn, the developer of the game nor Electronic Arts (EA), the producer of the game, has given an update as to when we can expect (or if we can expect) Apex Legends for Mobile. However, it is almost certain that the game will be coming out for smartphones because that’s the natural path that pretty much every battle royale themed game has taken.

Apex Legends for Mobile Release Date Cross Platform Play
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PUBG and Fortnite both released as PC/console-only in their early days – but a mobile version soon came along. Going by their release schedules, there’s at least a gap of one quarter between the PC/console version and the mobile version. By that estimate, Apex Legends for Mobile is likely to release sometime in Summer 2019.

Apex Legends for Mobile Will Come After Cross-Platform Support is Introduced

As of now, one big obstacle that lies before Apex Legends for Mobile comes out is that of cross-platform support. As of this writing, PS4 players can only play Apex Legends with other PS4 players and same with XBOX One and PC players.

Apex Legends for Mobile Release Date Respawn EA
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Before the company deep-dives into the development of Apex Legends for Mobile, this is an issue that they need to resolve. This will also ensure that upon release, Apex Legends for mobile players will be able to have cross-play between Android and iOS.