Anti-Vax Oregon boy Witnesses a Near Death Experience

Anti-vax Oregano boy witnesses a near death experience, the first ever tetanus infection case

Anti-vax Oregon boy had a near death experience as he witnessed a life threatening bacterial infection of Tetanus which almost took his life away. This is the first case of tetanus in the country in more than 30 years.

The other highlight of this news is also hefty amount that was the cost of the two month treatment which the boy undergo to recover from the painful bacterial infection. According to the report on this tetanus case that was published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cost of the treatment was close to a million dollar.

Tetanus case of the Anti-vax Oregon boy: The story

In 2017, this Anti-vax Oregon boy had become infected with tetanus after getting a head injury while playing in the farm of the family.

His family had then cleaned and stitched his wounds at home without slightest clue that the boy had gained infection of tetanus.

It was all going well until the sixth day when the boy started experiencing muscle spasms along with the clenching of the jaw.

Views of Dr. Carl Eriksson on the Tetanus Infection and Anti-vax

Anti-vax Oregano boy witnesses a near death experience, the first ever tetanus infection case
Oregano boy witnesses a near death experience
Source: NY Daily News

According to NBC News, Dr. Carl Eriksson had informed it via an email that when Anti-vax Oregon boy was admitted into the hospital he was alert. But he could not open his mouth because of the jaw-lock that had occurred to him because of infection of tetanus along with the muscle spasms.

The doctor, Carl Eriksson also told NBC News that the boy required mechanical ventilation along with multiple medications so as to control the severe spasms that were occurring due to the tetanus infection.

The intensive treatment of the boy went on for about 44 days after which he was able to take small sips of liquid.

The total bill for this more than two month treatment of the boy costed about $811,929. This fee is exclusive of the cost of transportation of air along with inpatient rehab.

Oregano boy witnesses a near death experience, the first ever tetanus infection case
Source: USA News

Anti-vax Family refuses to take vaccines against tetanus

The Anti-vax Oregon boy has now returned to normal activities after the completion of the treatment. He can even run or do bicycling now. Despite the near death experience of the boy, his Anti-vax family has chosen not to get him vaccinated any further.

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