It seems like another “Trump minded” person has joined the administration. President Donald Trump recently appointed a new attorney journal, Matthew Whitaker. Mr. Whitaker will be looking over the department who is responsible for the environmental regulations.

But with his statements, it seems that just like the US President, Mr. Whitaker doesn’t believe in global warming. In July 2016, Mr. Whitaker gave out an interview at the Missouri radio station. He said that it is kind of “arrogant” to blame humans for causing such a dramatic effect on the environment.

Source- The Daily Beast

He even said that there’s no perfect and clear evidence which can denote how much the environmental condition has changed. He even said that this warming and cooling cycle is a law of nature, and has been existing for ages.

In his latest interview with Bill Martinez, Whitaker gave out another skeptic statement claiming that if there was a president during the Ice Age, he would have also believed in global warming.

There’s nothing shocking with Whitaker’s statement considering the fact that Trump once ruled out global warming claiming it to be a Chinese Hoax.

Source- Motherjones