Being a pet parent is a huge responsibility. So if you are not ready for it, do not get a dog. And if you are ready, just remember one thing that a doggo is not a big toy that your kids and friends can play with. When you have a dog, treat him like one of your family members. 

Believe it or not, there are a few things that our doggo does not like and is secretly telling us to stop doing it. Scroll down to see what those things are and do not do it ever again. 

10. Constant hugging

We know you love your furry friend so much but this does not mean that you should hug him constantly. In fact, you will be glad to know that dogs hate hugging. Yes, you have read it right! There was a study conducted to understand whether dogs enjoy hugging or not. And the result shows that the majority of dogs don’t like it. 

9. Patting your dog on the head

Other than hugging, the next thing that every dog secretly hates is patting on the head. And if you do it, stop now. Try and understand, if any action comes towards a dog from above, it will interpret it as dangerous and might even attack to protect himself. 

8. Rushing walks

When you are going on a walk with your furry friend, give him time to enjoy the surroundings. Do not rush back home in just a few minutes because your dog might not like it.

7. Ignoring dog training

If you don’t want your furry friend to get too naughty, train him that way. Dogs actually like training because it helps them to create a positive relationship with their master. Not to mention, training improves the communication skill of a dog. So don’t skip it. 

6. Yelling at your dog as punishment

Sometimes, dogs do something that is very crazy and we want to scream at them. But this is wrong. You might think that you are punishing your dog by shouting when he pees on a carpet or chews your slipper. But your dog does not think that way because your furry friend might confuse loud screaming voices with teaching.  

5. Dressing your dog when it’s not cold

You can surely make your furry friend wear a coat or sweater if he is cold. But do not dress up your dog with fancy clothes, shoes, and jewelry because he just don’t like it.

4. Scaring your dog with loud noises

If there is one thing that a dog absolutely hates, it is loud noises. You might find it surprising but if you don’t train your dog at an early age to a certain sound, it might cause him great mental trauma. So try your best to keep your doggo away from the noise of fireworks, vacuum cleaner, and microwave.

3. Making your pet play with your friends if it doesn’t like them

Just like humans, dogs also like certain people and hate others. So if your furry friend does not like your friends, do not force him to play with them. And if you do it anyway, your doggo might think of them as a threat and end up attacking.

2. Teasing your dog for fun

If you do not want to lose your dog’s trust, never ever tease him. You can, of course, play with him. But if you are continuously teasing him and your furry friend realizes something is wrong, you might end up losing your authority in the long run.

1. Letting your dog stay in places with strong smells

Did you know that dogs can easily differentiate between millions of smells? Not to mention, dogs simply hate strong scents. So if you are cleaning your house with any strong detergent, try to keep your dog away!

Don’t forget to tell us which of these things your dog hates the most in the comment section.