Life hasn’t been easy since you started living on your own. Once you find a job, you will realize how difficult and stressful it can be to make a living. Finding a job is easy, but doing what you want to do is not easy. After all, some people say that choosing a job is a career that chooses you, not you. Sometimes you can get a good job that pays well and motivates you to do what you want. In other situations, the job can be stressful and stretch the limits of your patience.

No one understands this better than an employee in a service industry. It would be a good day if the consumer isn’t angry. Otherwise, like any other day at work, clean up your malicious customers and apologize anyway for the “inconvenience” they may have. It might not be, but the staff is always smiling and doing their job well. But overall, those who behave unworthily deserve the shame of others. Being frustrated and letting others clean up is a sign of the uneducated. So don’t do it.


1. You would know if you work in the retail industry.


2. When you have to clean up after customers do this.


3. Some customers just don’t make any sense.


4. Halloween seasons are the worst for employees at retail stores.


5. That moment when customers do this.



6. “A customer broke a bottle without informing and I had to clean all that mess in the background.”


7. “I wanted to buy a new curtain and the aisle was like…”


8. Why don’t customers put things back to where they found them?


9. Please don’t be like such customers.


10. Leaving items in the wrong aisle is something but trash? Seriously?


11. Imagine leaving the aisle in such a condition.


12. At least have the decency to flush yourselves.


13. It’s always a test of faith and respect at a retail store.


14. “Working at a retail store, I often see customers putting fresh food in the freezer for no reason.”


15. When customers do this…


16. “Went to a shoe store with my mom and we discovered that there’s no human decency there.”


17. Have to face things like this, working at a retail store.