Annabelle Comes Home Watch Online

Annabelle Comes Home movie is about to end it’s theatrical run on a high note. The horror movie is set in the Conjuring Universe and has gathered attention worldwide Horror movies are much better suited to watch in a small place, with fewer people and a dark setting for the best effect.

The theaters are packed with people and the horror effects of Annabelle feels a little less when a baby is crying nearby or someone is loudly eating popcorn. The best way to watch Annabelle Comes Home is to stream it online from the comfort of your own place. Here are the possible release dates for the Blu-ray, DVDs and digital version of Annabelle Comes Home and it’s streaming network.

When is Annabelle Comes Home releasing on Digital?

Annabelle Comes Home Watch Online Digital Release Date

As of right now, there is no release date for the digital version of Annabelle Comes Home as the movie is set in the theaters. Most of the reports predict it to come out in the month of October. The digital downloads will be available at the start of the month, while the physical copies will take around two more weeks.

It has always been the way, where Blu-Rays and DVDs of any movie come out after the digital stream. There are also chances that they wait for the month of December to release Annabelle comes home as a Christmas special.

Netflix or HBO

Annabelle Comes Home Watch Online Netflix or HBO

The previous movies in Annabelle franchise have been released on Netflix but it might not be the case anymore. For the fans of Annabelle Comes Home, who have a Netflix subscription, there is a piece of bad news. Warner Bros is coming up with their own streaming service called HBO Max.

It may be out by the year and all the WB movies will be shifted from other networks to HBO Max. There is no given date for HBO Max, but it should come out around the starting of 2020 to compete with Disney plus.