Animal Kingdom season 4 release is only a month away, but the fans are getting eager to watch the dysfunctional Cody family. TNT has been promoting the show since the last few weeks and has revealed some spoiler-filled details about it.

The recent announcement revolves around Eddie Ramos who will portray a hostile character Tupi. It is known yet how will he fit in the. There is a possibility that he will form a part of the new crew and get to interact with the Cody gang.

Animal Kingdom season 4
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According to the spoilers, it won’t be so easy for the Cody family in Animal Kingdom season 4. Tupi will bring some headaches for the Cody as he is Mia’s ex. Angela is closely related to the deceased character and we may see her resurface as matters get complicated. Apart from that, two new characters will also add to the on-going issues.

Who are the new cast of Animal Kingdom Season 4?

The two newcomer cast members will be polar opposites of one another. Colin is a hot-headed damaged vet, while Jake is an easy-going criminal. The two are expected to be a part of the Cody gang in the upcoming season. There are hints that there will be flashbacks for providing information about the past of Smurf (Ellen Barkin).

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Leila George from Mortal Engine is expected to play young Smurf and her character’s description gives hints about the story’s future. Janine is a street-savvy survivor. She is a nihilist and expects to die after thirty years of age.

She runs with a small crew of men a few years older than her, vets and surfers who steal to support their vagabond life on the road.

Since Collin also has similar character traits, we can expect this to turn true. Animal Kingdom season 4 is set to air on 28 May.