On Saturday night, J. Alexander Kueng was found shopping at Cub Foods in Plymouth, Minnesota. While shopping for groceries the fired cop was confronted by an angry shopper. Kueng is one of the four polices officers, who are facing charges for the death of 46-year-old George Floyd.

As reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Kueng was released from the Hennepin County Jail. On Friday after successfully meeting his $750,000 bail, shortly before 7:30 PM.

While he has been confronted by a member of the public, a Twitter user with the handle @jk3rd_ has shared video captioning –

“look who my sister caught at Cub Foods in Plymouth. J. Alexander Keung, one of the officers who lynched #GeorgeFloyd in cold blood.”

As the footage starts, the public asks Kueng –

who is facing charges of abetting murder, as well as aiding and abetting manslaughter – his name, forcing him to respond: “Yeah, that’s me.”

As the woman keeps on criticizing, the fired officer can be seen silently holding some Oreos and milk while moving.

“I don’t think you should be out on bail,” the woman shouts. She adding: “You don’t have the right to be here.”

But when Kueng replies saying: “I’m sorry you feel that way”, the woman shuts him down immediately, shouting: “You’re not sorry!”

Further in the video, the woman can be seen alerting other clients of the store. There has been a division received on the social video after the video went viral.

The response to the footage on social media has been divided.

Firstly, many are praising the woman for taking such brave confronting step –

While many were those that believe Kueng – who is out on bail. He should be allowed to shop for groceries without being harassed –

Fired cop – Kueng, 26, was on his third shift with the Minneapolis Police Department while he was given the charge to attend the arrest of George.

George Floyd was arrested and held by his neck for more than 8 minutes on May 25 which led to suffocation and he died.

The first former officer to be granted bail was 37-year-old Thomas Lane. He was on his fourth shift with the Minneapolis police department. He came along with Kueng and assisted senior officer Derek Chauvin in the arrest of Floyd. Kueng and Lane were also recorded restraining the lower half of Floyd’s body.

Lane with his wife is in an undisclosed location due to concerns for his safety- his attorney confirmed. The attorney, Earl Gray told the Star Tribune –

“Now we can watch what happens next from outside. We will bring a motion to dismiss and hopefully it will be granted.”

Of the four men, Chauvin is currently facing the most serious charges – second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. If convicted as charged, all four defendants face up to 40 years in prison.