Andy Murray Retirement: Player breaks down in an emotional press conference in Melbourne!

Who would have thought that Andy Murray might be the first one of the legendary quartet to retire?

Andy Murray Press Conference In Melbourne

The pillars of modern Tennis Roger Federer (37), Rafael Nadal (32) and Djokovic (31) are somehow gliding smoothly in their career. However, things are not going well for Andy Murray. He has been in pain for too long now and there seems to be no cure for it.

Andy Murray once said that the press conferences are his least favorite thing. The 31-year-old addressed one in Melbourne this Friday, which brought tears to everyone around him. Murray took off his cap and quietly sat down behind the table. The first thing the reporters asked him was about his ailing hip. Murray pursed his lips as he was still in agony and said, “Yeah, not, not great.”

Just after answering, Murray dropped his chin and was seen fighting with himself, forcing himself to utter something. But all he could do was sigh and leave the room. He returned soon but those brief 45 seconds of silence was enough to tell his fans that Andy Murray is done now. He is retired.

Andy Murray broke down in tears during the conference
Source- Rediff

He is hoping to continue till Wimbledon this year, but there’s he’s still not so sure. He said that this Australian Open would be a crucial event in deciding his future.

The Australian Open Jinx

Sir Andrew Barron “Andy” Murray has achieved it all in just his 31 years. He ended the 77-year drought for the British men by winning the Wimbledon in 2013. He has achieved back to back Olympic gold medals and has three Grand Slam titles to his name.

But Murray has always struggled in Australia. He has a record of 0-5 in favor of loss in the Australian Open. Four out of those five times came against Djokovic while one was against the GOAT Roger Federer.

The contest between Djokovic and Murray is always a pleasure to watch!
Source – Steve G Tennis

Anyways, this interview of Andy Murray was met with lots of love from fans all around the globe. There were tweets coming from everywhere consoling Murray that they are with him and no matter what, they will always stand with him even after his retirement.

Source- New York Times, Independent

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