Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the first phone to receive the Android Oreo update from Samsung. But this time it would be receiving a Pie but not that soon.

Galaxy Note 8 is no longer a flagship phone for Samsung. Galaxy S9 series and Galaxy Note 9 are flagship and they will receive the update sooner. Samsung focuses on publishing updates to flagships first.

There are many significant changes to UI and other features are also added. The company is all set to launch Android Pie to Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 late Feb.

Early bird release of the Android Pie update has made way to the market.
Note 8 and S8 are being tested for Android Pie. Credits: Phone Arena

Android 9.0 Pie Beta

There is chance that Note 8 will get a early bird update of beta version of the Pie soon. This might be delivered sooner than official release. But the issue is that  Beta versions are mostly for flagships.

The good news is that Samsung is testing the Android Pie on Note 8 and firmware is also registered. The device is also Pie certified.

But at least an early bird update has been released which give consumers the opportunity to experience the OS, as well as help developers, make it better.

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 features included

Note 8 will receive some significant feature updates from its upper siblings. The update will accommodate additional features that were missing from Note 8.

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Samsung S9 and Note 9 features exclusive will be also be given to Note 8 in Pie update.
S9 features will also be delivered to Note 8. Credits: CIO
These features will include:
  • Whenever swipe type is used, a space will automatically be added after a number.
  • VoLTE and VoWifi support.
  • Floating keyboard accessibilty during gaming.
  • Phone number and name reading capability of Phone.

These features are sure to be included and others are just rumored. But it is clear that Note 8 will definitely be very close to Galaxy S9 series UI.

Changes by Google to Android Pie

Google at every new Android release, it provides some exceptional changes. The last update had improved security patch for Samsung Pay and better adaptation.

Android Pie has been given a better AI experience and is seeing you much more.
Android 9 Pie is a massive and AI-infused software update. Credits: Endgadget

This update will incorporate adaptive brightness, adaptive battery, app actions, Smart Text Selection, Digital Wellbeing, slices and enhanced security patch.

Samsung Dark Theme Update to Android Pie

Samsung will now include a dark theme which is helpful at night and it get easier for eyes.

This theme could be set manually, scheduled according to timings, set to automatically as per adaptation and even used whenever needed. This dark theme will help the device in many forms.

Night Mode will be a dark theme purposely for night time.
Night Mode applicability will improve dark vision on eyes and better battery life. Credits: Gotta Be Mobile

The device would now have better battery life, would look better in night time and would help the eyes but focusing the super AMOLED screen to react better in dark.

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But people will have to wait for the update. Public living in the US, UK and France, will be receiving the update sooner. This is a market strategy used by tech giants as these markets are considered bigger.

This means even if you are having the flagship with you but living in smaller regions you will receive the update later.

Source: Gotta Be MobileNX Update and Phone Arena