The increasing and impressive advancements in Chinese smartphone hardware are now impossible to ignore. They are bringing it all in; in-display fingerprint scanners, superlative camera arrays, creative display, and super speed charging. Customers are now not resistant to go for an Oppo, Vivo, Huawei or Find X.

This definitely doesn’t mean that they are the best devices to use. The Chinese phones are still stumbling with their software. This gives an uneasy feel to the Android users. They find the phone software to be garish and heavy-handed. The Chinese companies still have a long way ahead of them. But why is every phone brand trying to copy Android? The answer is simple. Android offers great hardware and simple software. Android is designed in such a way that the manufacturers and carriers can obtain it for free and customize it to their liking.

Source- BW Businessworld

The problem which the Chinese handset makers face is the fact that the major of Google software, Playstore and all are blocked in China. This leaves them with only one option. To use AOSP as a software base for compatibility. And then build in China-specific features, services, and a different app store especially for China. Actually, Chinese Android Phones don’t run on the orthodox skin like TouchWiz. They run on whole new operating systems, which happen to support the Android apps. The first company to successfully execute this method was Xiaomi, and we know how wonderfully it succeeded.

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Source- The Verge