If you are an Android user and you are in ROM community, it is very much possible that you may know about Lineage OS.
So, what is the Lineage OS? It is a free and open source operating system for smartphone and tablet computer Android distribution. It has a really long story of development, which starts from CynogenMod. CynogenMod is a custom ROM for Android devices. It’s free and it can extend the capabilities of your device and themes, improve privacy functionality and all sorts of UI/UX tweaks. And the best part is that in a rooted device, the installation of CynogenMod is very easy. It could be found in millions of device. In fact, in a number of handsets, you can find it preloaded. But Cynogen Inc. has officially the support for mod. And it affects its open-source version too. The good news is that its predecessor is Lineage OS which is very successful till date.
From the viewpoint, Lineage OS and CynogenMod are the two sides of the same coin. Lineage OS has its own community from which we have seen a slew of development, covering more than 200 phone models.

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Here are some important things. The first being that the root method of every device is not the same. You might need a lot of homework beforehand. You may need to track down all of bootloader unlock codes , though only for certain devices. So, It is not that much easy, But we will do it anyway. Right? There is one more thing which is very important that not all the devices support same Lineage OS even when they are developed by the same manufacturer.
So, here is the official link [ https://download.lineageos.org/ ] of a list for devices which is compatible with Lineage OS. From This link, you can find a lot of information about changes in features. Compatible devices and download link. But if you can’t find your devices in your list, try for unofficial release for your devices at least once.

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