‘Italy is known for its heritage and culture. Anywhere you go, and start digging a piece of land, you are sure to find something of great value. This was recently proved right when an archeologist was excavating a privately owned vineyard in Verona. His hard work paid off when he uncovered a pristine mosaic floor that dates back to the 1st century CE.

It often happens that one can find ancient house treasures in the area from ancient Rome. The local resources state, that there were many mosaics found from the same area, back in 1960’s.

The excavation work that started in October was going on slowly. The archeologist delineates the lines of the ancient Domus—a house that was occupied by the upper cast people but did not find anything which was noteworthy. That turned out differently when they found the mosaic floor of the house. 

Verona’s history has been such that it comes as no surprise to have discovered the mosaic in the area. Verona, which is located in northern Italy’s Veneto region, was considered to be of great importance in ancient Rome. It was a strategically planned junction of four major roads. Thus, treasures and places of high value built in the area.

Archeologists in Verona have unearthed an ancient Roman mosaic floor under a vineyard.

We hope that once the entire mosaic is discovered, it can be added to the list of ancient Roman treasures, and is open for the public to see.