American actor Kevin Costner and his wife, Christine Baumgartner, are getting a divorce after 18 years of marriage. TMZ reported on Tuesday, May 2, that the 68-year-old star’s wife, Christine Baumgartner, had filed for divorce because of “irreconcilable differences.”

A representative for Costner told the publication:

It is with great sadness that circumstances beyond his control have transpired which have resulted in Mr. Costner having to participate in a dissolution of marriage action. We ask that his, Christine’s and their children’s privacy be respected as they navigate this difficult time.

The article also said that Christine isn’t asking for alimony but that the two of them have agreed to file for joint custody of their three kids.

Laura Wasser, who is Kevin Costner’s lawyer, told TMZ:

Spousal support to be payable to petitioner pursuant to the terms of the parties’ Premarital Agreement.


Kevin Costner has been married twice and has seven kids.

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva

For the first time in 1978, Kevin Costner married actress Cindy Silva. When they were both students at California State University, Fullerton, the two of them met for the first time. During their marriage, they had three children. Their names are Annie, Lily, and Joe. Silva is best known for her roles in Dances with Wolves (1990) and LiteWeight (1998).

After 16 years of marriage, Silva filed for divorce from Costner in November 1994. The Daily Mail stated that the breakup happened around the time Kevin was linked to famous hula dancer Michele Amaral in Hawaii, where he was filming Waterworld.

Kevin Costner had his fourth child with Bridget Rooney, who is the aunt of actress Rooney Mara and the heiress to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was less than two years after he and his ex-wife split up.

In September 2004, Kevin Costner married Christine Baumgartner, a handbag designer. When Costner was still married to Silva and practicing a scene on a golf course for his 1996 romantic film Tin Cup, they met for the first time.

In 1998, they saw each other again at a restaurant, and soon after that, they started dating. Costner told People Magazine in 2003:

We exchanged numbers, and I told her that I would — did she mind if I called her in two weeks. I did not realize that was like an insult to a woman.

Here’s what we know about his kids:

Annie Costner

Kevin Costner with his daughter, Annie Costner

Annie Costner is Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva’s first child. She was born on April 15, 1984. She started working in the entertainment industry when she was young. She has been in movies like Dances With Wolves, The Postman, Lazy Teenage Superheroes, and The Baby-Sitters Club.

She started her own company, Sound Off Films, with a partner in 2014. Through her company, she has made movies like The Pittsburgh Drug Trials, Bump and Spike, Katy Perry’s Witness Tour documentary, The Discarded: A Tale of Two Rios, etc. She is now married to Dr. Danny Cox, who is a doctor.


Lily Costner

Lily Costner

Lily Costner is the second child of Kevin and Silva Costner. She was born on August 4, 1986. She has also been in movies like The Baby-Sitters Club and The Postman. Lily is an actress, but she also sings and has helped her dad with projects.


Joe Costner

Joe, Kevin and Cindy’s third child, was born on January 31, 1988. In 1996, he was in Tin Cup with Kevin Costner. The following year, he was in The Postman with his father and older sisters. Joe now works in the entertainment business as an audio engineer and production sound mixer.


Liam Costner

Kevin and Bridget Rooney had a short relationship that led to the birth of their son Liam in November 1996. GH Gossip says that he did not follow in his father’s footsteps and is instead a real estate agent. Not much is known about his life, but after she broke up with Kevin in 2005, Bridget married billionaire William Koch.


Cayden Wyatt Costner

Kevin Costner with his son, Cayden

Cayden is the first child that Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner had together. He was born on May 6, 2007. In 2008, Kevin told Parade Magazine that Baumgartner wanted to have kids but was afraid he “couldn’t be an effective father.”

[One day] I woke up and thought, ‘Am I going to lose a beautiful woman who is willing to be with me to my very last breath because I am afraid to say yes to a child?’ That’s all it took. … I decided that I was not going to miss out on love.

His parents keep him out of the spotlight, so not much is known about him.


Hayes Logan Costner

Kevin Costner with his younger sons

Hayes Logan Costner was born on February 12, 2009. He is Kevin and Christine’s second child. Costner told Today that he has been interested in sports since he was a child.

We’re at all the Little League games, we’re in that car constantly, we’re trying to get the kids on the same team so we won’t have to go to three different practices.

He was also in Horizon, a four-part western movie starring Kevin Costner.


Grace Avery Costner

Kevin Costner

Grace was born on June 2, 2010, in California. She is Kevin Costner and Christine’s third child. In the same interview with Today, Costner told the magazine that, unlike her brothers, Grace is a “girly girl.”

She’s sewing and she’s dancing, but when she sees the ball bouncing out in the backyard, I can feel her gravitating out with the boys — but everything has to stop when she plays.

Kevin Costner is said to get along well with all seven of his children.