Hello, people! We have once again brought a cute and sweet story that will restore your faith in humanity. It’s about a biker gang. Oh yes, we know bikers with tattoos are all intimidating but not this one.

Actually they are very sweet. What they did is that they investigated cases of animal abuse. Whenever they found violent owners, the gang would convince the owners to give their pets away. After bringing the abused dog, this amazing biker group would give it to the shelter house where it can get the best care. They have, in fact, found homes for several dogs, cats, and horses. 

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The name of this gang is Rescue Ink and it consists of so many people. Like ex-bodybuilders, former military personnel, bikers, police detectives, powerlifting champions, and lawyers. Due to the great work that this non-profitable animal rights protection organization has done, it was quite popular from 2008 to 2014.

“Some people like to think of us as superheroes. The truth is, we are super animal lovers (and protectors). Through the years, and through many caseloads, obstacles, and downright challenges, we remain strong and dedicated to our mission.”

Along with working together with animal shelter houses, Rescue Ink also works closely with police departments. It is because they want to protect animals by staying in the boundaries of the law. 


Tom Hardy wearing a Rescue Ink T-shirt

The popularity of this amazing team grew up day by day. And interestingly, they have started receiving about 1,000 to 3,000 messages per day via email and about 250 calls per day.

While this group was working, they have saved so many animals. From dogs, horses, chickens, cats, fish, and pigs. And once, they even saved a 5-ft boa constrictor.

In an interview, Rescue Ink told The New York Times that each situation was very different. “Some people sold purebred dogs just because they needed money for drugs, other people organized dog fights, and some even tried to poison a group of homeless cats not far from their house. Once, they had a report about a serial cat killer from Pennsylvania.”

Also, there is one thing you should know about this brave and cool team. “The team only investigated the cases of animal abuse: if they managed to find a criminal, Rescue Ink contacted the police. If an animal owner didn’t take good care of the pet, the bikers would build a dog house or help in some other way.”

There is one more thing that makes this amazing biker group even more kind heart. The members of Rescue Ink have also spent weeks carrying a small kitten. And they carried him everywhere because he needed food every hour. Also, once a member saved a duck from a pond near a sewer. 

The Rescue Ink participants not just saved pets but also spent so many years in educating people about the same. They told us that “most of the time, abusers are people who have similar features: they are insecure, impulsive, and ruthless because they have problems at home or in their relationships.”

This group has also saved pets whose wonders had died. They have done it because there was no one else to take care of the furry angels. 

Rescue Ink is adopting a dog named Lola.

In an interview, this group also talked about their appearance when it comes to negotiating with cruel owners.

“Let’s just say an official goes to an abuser’s house, he pulls up in a cop car and, immediately the abuser knows the cop’s limitations, he has certain boundaries. But when we pull up, they don’t know what we’re going to do, they don’t know what we’re capable of doing. So it helps out big time.”

Also, the team members of this amazing group have changed several times. It’s because some people left and some people joined. Here are some of the participants:

1. Batso Maccharoli is the powerlifting record-holder in Connecticut, US. He is one of the most recognizable members of the team. In the 2009 picture, he is 76 years old. Now, it’s 2019, and he still has an active lifestyle.

2. Mikey Ink is a bodybuilding champion and vegetarian.

3. Anthony “Big Ant” Rossano is a man who is 6’1″ tall and who weighs 324 lb. He is definitely a person who can convince someone with just his appearance. The pit bulls, cats, and rabbits he saved lives in his house.

4. Joe Panz is one of the founders and the leader of Rescue Ink.

There are also books about the big and little accomplishment that this group has made so far. “How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs and Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck, and a Few Turtles.”

You will be glad to know that even National Geographic made a reality show on this group. the show was called Rescue Ink Unleashed.