American Horror Story Season 9 release date

American Horror Story Season 9 might start filming its new episodes in June 2019 and this is great news for all the fans. It is most likely that the upcoming season will air in September 2019, just like the previous ones.

American Horror Story Season 9 News

Who is in the cast of American Horror Story season 9?

There isn’t much information available about American Horror Story Season 9 now. But, we know that Emma Roberts will feature on the show. And Gus Kenworthy might be playing the role of her love interest. The show has presented innovative and new casting over the years and we expect the same this time too.

American Horror Story Season 9 Plot

What can we expect from the upcoming season?

We can expect the upcoming season to simplify the story line and the entire franchise. The writers should not be pressurized to create something epic or on a bigger scale. The horror genre is something that does not depend on budget. There are many low budget horror movies which are as effective and successful as the big budget ones.

American Horror Story Season 9 release date

Fans are waiting for more information and scoop about the next season from executive producer, Ryan Murphy. The show was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Although we know that there are super secret seasons of the show. We don’t really feel the need for the upcoming season of American Horror Story to play out that way.

Nevertheless, we can just hope for the upcoming season to deliver to our expectations and lives up to the hype. Because it doesn’t seem that the show will end anytime soon.