The day later of Christmas, Ronil Singh pulled over Gustavo Perez Arriaga in suspicion of drink and drive. That’s when the notification came that Singh has been shot by an unidentified person.

But just a few moments after this Singh notified that shots have been fired. After some time the Police arrived at the scene and saw that Singh was wounded with one gunshot.

Newman police officers carry the body of their slain colleague Cpl. Ronil “Ron” Singh during his funeral.
The flag covered casket of Cpl. Ronil Sigh going towards the procession area. Credits : Marty Bicek

Singh was then swiftly transported to the nearest medical facility but he was declared dead. Singh left behind his wife and their new-born five-year-old child.

At the day of his funeral, hundreds of policemen with thousands of people from the community and other public gathered around. The supporters gathered all around the place of the funeral.

Hundreds of police officers from across the country along with members of the public came out to pay their respects.
Police vehicles line up for the funeral procession for slain Newman police officer Corporal Ronil Singh. Credits : Getty Images


Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson said,

We are grateful to Ron for being the man everyone wants. Thank you for being the person taking care of our society. For being the officer, K-9 officer and the corporal, we all thank you for that.

The widow was handed over the flag amid her husbands funeral service at the CrossPoint Community Church. Police vehicles had all lined up for the procession of the funeral and hundreds of officers were present to pay their tribute.

The American Hero drive:

As the flag-covered casket of Corporal was passing by every officer paid their tribute by saluting him and paid respect.

People were holding banners which depicted their sadness for Ron and his family. Thousands of people gathered all around the area where the funeral was taking place and watched the procession.

From the presence of such great of people, it has shown what Cpl. Ron had achieved in his line of duty. It depicts that when policemen are working even after hours, it is for the security and the dedication that they have for the service.

The presence also showed that people do respect officers and their lives also matter to the public and every fellow officer of the department.

Source: BreitBartConservative Fighters and LA Times