American Auto Season 3 is one of the most anticipated shows right now. The American sitcom has been a fan’s favorite since its release in December 2021 on NBC.

After the conclusion of Season 2 of American Auto on April 18th, fans are left wondering if there will be a Season 3 of American Auto.

Will there be an American Auto Season 3
Season 3 is Not Canceled Yet

Will there be American Auto Season 3?

The American Auto has not been renewed for Season 3 yet. NBC has not announced the series renewal as of 19th April 2023.

Similar to other streaming platforms, NBC is probably waiting for the final ratings of the second season, which will decide the show’s future.

Will there be an American Auto Season 3
American Auto Has Not Been Renewed for Another Season Yet

American Auto Season 3 Release Date Speculations

When it comes to speculation or predictions for season 3, then we have to understand how American Auto was renewed for season 2.

After season one ended on March 8, 2022, NBC took barely two months to announce the second season of American Auto.

As a result, fans may expect the season 3 announcement to take the equivalent time, about 2-3 months.

Is there a Trailer Out for American Auto Season 3?

No, NBC has not released a trailer for season 3 of American Auto since the streaming platform has yet to renew the series.

Who will be there in the cast of American Auto Season 3?

As of now, the cast for Season 3 has not been revealed, but it is highly likely that we will see a mix of familiar faces and some fresh additions to the lineup.

What to Expect from American Auto Season 3?

As the trailer or teaser for American Auto Season 3 has not been released, it is difficult to predict what to expect from the upcoming season.

Fans will need to await the series’ renewal patiently, and once that occurs, we can anticipate receiving some spoilers for the third season of American Auto.