According to Daily Mail, Amber Heard has left Hollywood and moved to Spain with her young daughter, Oonagh.

She’s bilingual in Spanish and is happy there, raising her daughter away from all the noise,

one of her friends was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

When the news outlet posted on its Instagram, an American actor made fun of the “Aquaman” star in the comments.

US actor David DeLuise replied to the post by writing,

Amber who?

Amber Heard being mocked by an actor

David has made an appearance in a lot of movies and television shows. He is known for playing Coop in the animated show Megas XLR and Jerry Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.

Amber Heard hasn’t worked since the filming of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom in 2021, and a low-budget thriller, In The Fire. (Alas, the much-awaited Aquaman movie will come out at the end of this year.) We don’t know if Amber Heard is still with the Los Angeles-based writer, Eve Barlow.