Amazon Wins the Bid: Inside the Heated Battle for ‘Crime 101’

The entertainment industry was frenzy over the movie rights for “Crime 101.” This much-anticipated crime thriller is set to feature Hollywood heavyweights Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal. With two of the biggest streaming platforms vying for the rights, it became the epicenter of industry speculation.

The Big Bucks Behind ‘Crime 101’

Bidding wars in Hollywood aren’t new. Yet, the buzz surrounding “Crime 101” stood out. Based on a novella by Don Winslow, the storyline has a detective chasing a jewel thief across the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway.

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The stakes were high. It was previously reported that the movie might trigger a staggering $100 million bidding war, with Amazon and Netflix as the main contenders.

However, Puck’s latest reports clarify the winning outcome. Amazon, sealing the deal for around $90 million, emerged as the victor. The twist? Netflix allegedly made a higher bid.

However, Amazon’s inclination towards a theatrical release and their reluctance to make script changes won the producers over. On the other hand, Netflix had certain script revision demands.

Amazon Snags 'Crime 101' with Hemsworth and Pascal: Why Netflix's Bigger Offer Didn't Seal the Deal

What Lies Ahead for the Movie?

Despite the bidding frenzy and the promise of an intriguing plot, the specifics of “Crime 101” remain shrouded in mystery. Given the novella’s structure, Detective Lou Lubesnick and the elusive jewel thief form the crux of the narrative.

Speculation is rife about which roles Hemsworth and Pascal will step into, and the casting anticipation adds another layer to the suspense.

Yet, as in Hollywood, the road to the big screen is often laden with uncertainties. The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike threatens to delay production, affecting the cast and crew involved.

But perhaps more shocking is the whisper in the corridors of the industry: Chris Hemsworth might depart from the project. This rumor, if proven true, could shake the foundation of the film. Hemsworth’s potential exit would be a blow, considering the project’s success largely hinges on its lead actors.

However, as production gears up with Amazon at the helm, fans and insiders alike are hopeful. The aspiration is that the stellar cast remains intact, and “Crime 101” brings the enthralling narrative of the chase between a detective and a thief to a global audience.