“Hey Alexa, Set me an alarm for 6 a.m. ”

But does it work every time? Sometimes, a device is in a low-power state and is unable to reply to your voice control. Keeping this problem in mind, Amazon had come up with a solution of “wake-up-LAN.” This control method will “wake-up” all those sleeping gadgets which are connected. By sleeping gadgets, we mean those which are not responding to your voice calls.

Source- AdStasher

The implementation of this control will require the device makers to craft the skills of Alexa to turn on their TVs and all other hardware which are there on your local network.

Amazon said that other companies like Vizio, LG and Hisense are also planning to deploy this technology soon. There might be other companies too who are banking on this technology but it’s not clear who. It seems evident in just a couple of years, we will be having more and more devices to be controlled by just our spoken command.

Source- Engadget