Though Johnny Depp made it plain during his defamation trial that it would take “a million alpacas” and more to bring him back to portray Captain Jack Sparrow, we have known for some time that Disney would be pressing through with new versions of Pirates of the Caribbean without the actor. Despite the still-viral Pirates of the Caribbean 6 petition, he may not want to return for the upcoming sequel, but he is still willing to play the notorious character for fans.

Depp actually used the line from the first Pirates movie in a recent video that went popular online. It was him and Keira Knightley. If you’re a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, you probably know the moment I’m referring about (if not, get ready for some spoilers from 20 years ago). Captain Jack Sparrow makes the decision to get very, very intoxicated when the two were left on a barren island together. Elizabeth Swann, meantime, has come up with her own scheme: burning all the rum, which produced the hilarious situation below.

The “Why is the rum gone?” phrase has grown famous in its own right over the years since the film’s release in 2002, therefore it makes sense that the post has received more than 45K views on Facebook and has appeared on other platforms (via YouTube’s Ven’s Den).
The actor has already played the well-known role off a Disney set, and this is probably not the last time. Depp previously made an appearance at Disneyland in the role of the boater on the attraction that bears the same name. He has previously spoken out in favour of entertaining the people by bringing Captain Sparrow out in public. noting that encouraging people to become excited about the role is a particular challenge at the San Sebastian Festival

“I can travel with Captain Jack in a box – literally Captain Jack in a box – and when the opportunity is right and I’m able to go and visit people and places where the smiles and the laughs and the things that are important, the most important things in the world are on the line.”

Fans of Depp have been clamouring for the return of Captain Jack in settings other than popular videos like this one. In addition, Depp has not shown any interest in a return after allegedly being fired from Pirates and unquestionably being fired from Fantastic Beasts during the trial controversies with Amber Heard he’s been a part of over the past few years. A Disney executive has stated that the company has no plans to bring the character back into the fold.

But I suppose that’s more than fans could be receiving if all they see from “Captain Jack Sparrow” going ahead are some video moments.