If you have ever been to Florida, one thing that you might have seen is Alligators. They are pretty common in Florida and can be found anywhere reading peacefully. Keep your cameras ready because they might be behind you! 

Depending on your location, you may find alligators a fairly common sight if you spend enough time in Florida.

When Dave Jacobs traveled to Florida with his family, he found a nice Airbnb in South Miami.

On Saturday, Jacobs’ family happened to spot an alligator swimming around in a nearby lake.

At least, that’s usually how you interpret it when the dog spends all day barking at it through the fenced-in pool deck.

However, it seemed to have other ideas in mind.

But as funny as the visual was, they didn’t ignore the fact that a wild and potentially dangerous animal was on the premises.

Still, what was just a daily routine for the wrangler was a big deal for the Jacobs family.