All Rise, a legal drama series that follows the lives of judges, prosecutors, and public defenders, is again facing an uncertain future. CBS canceled the show after two seasons, but OWN later picked it up. The second half of the show’s third season is yet to be scheduled, and the cast has been released by Warner Bros. Television, leaving the fate of the show up in the air.


According to Deadline, OWN has not decided whether to pick up All Rise for a fourth season until the next batch of episodes airs, which it believes will happen later this year. However, the lack of updates on when the rest of the third season will air has caused concern among fans.

Cast and Characters

Simone Missick leads the cast as Judge Lola Carmichael, while Wilson Bethel plays Deputy District Attorney Mark Callan, her best friend. Jessica Camacho plays public defender Emily Lopez, J. Alex Brinson plays bailiff-turned-lawyer Luke Watkins, and Ruthie Ann Miles plays Lola’s assistant, Sherri Kansky. The cast includes Lindsay Mendez as court reporter Sara Castillo and Lindsey Gort as defense attorney Amy Quinn.

Possible Challenges for Season 4

There is a good chance that the cast will have moved on to new projects by the time the fourth season is considered. Therefore, assembling everyone again for a potential All Rise Season 4 could be difficult.

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Since CBS initially canceled the show without any closure, fans hope there will be some finality in the next batch of episodes. It remains to be seen if the show will bounce back, but anything is possible.

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