Alexa Enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass Available For Preorder Now!

The coolest gadget of the year is finally here. Amazon has brought in the latest enhancement to their Alexa Echo as they enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass. This is only available for preorder for $40.

The idea was of a developer, Brian Kane who, in 2016 was wondering if it was possible to hack Billy Bass and connect it with Alexa API. When this idea circulated in the fishy ornaments market, the makers said that they would like to turn it into a reality as soon as possible. It took them over a year to finally launch the product with a proper “Alexa Gadget” certification.

Source- Mashable

Currently, you have to have an existing Echo device to which you can connect the Billy Bass for it to work. And once the connection is done, it would be the fish who will be setting up your alarms, ordering food and playing music for you.

Let’s bring back the old glory days of “Kitsch never dies” by preordering this Alexa Enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Source- The Verge

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