We’re surprised that Alec Baldwin thought that asking his fans to follow his wife Hilaria on Instagram would be the best gift for her. We’re sure that many wives would be thrilled to get a gift voucher for a day at the spa or a nice staycation for their birthday.

This comes just a few days after Hilaria, who is 38, called Alec Baldwin “husband goals” after posting a video of him massaging her before the couple, who have six children together, went out on a date night.

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In honor of his wife Hilaria’s upcoming 39th birthday, the actor, who is 64 years old, asked the 2.5 million people who follow him on Instagram to go to her account and follow her there.

In the clip, Alec Baldwin stated:

Tomorrow is the birthday of my favorite person. May I ask you a favor? I would like to ask you, as a birthday gift or even just a gesture to my wife, would you follow her on Instagram?

He then continues:

I would like to ask you a small favor, and that is my wife is just, it seems like she’s just centimeters shy of a million followers on Instagram […] Obviously I love my wife, I’m crazy about my wife, blah, blah, blah – all the things we say about people we’re in love with.

My wife’s the most fabulous person I’ve ever met in my whole life. That’s true. That’s true. That’s definitely true.


‘I would like as many of you as possible, I would like a really great, great surge of people to follow my wife on Instagram to say happy birthday to my wife. Would you do that for me? … Please. Thanks, the clip ended.

And even though a lot of commenters were happy to do what was asked…

…many Instagram users also wrote in the video’s comments that they didn’t like the strange request that was made. You can find those comments below the video.

I already follow her however wouldn’t it mean more to her if we would donate 5 dollars to a Charity maaaaybe a Animal rescue. Or maaaybe feed the homeless? I’m not sure how I feel about this kinda screams selfish to me I would gladly ask for a small donation to feeding Fur babies or any babies for that matter hmmm [sic],

one person wrote.

No, but I will make a donation to a woman’s shelter in her name. Placing importance of million ‘Likes’ on Instagram seems absurd,

another person added.

A third person joined the conversation and brought up the past controversy about Hilaria, where she was criticized for taking parts of Hispanic culture and making them her own.

how about we all follow her when she drops her cultural appropriation? i’d be first to do so!

the comment read.

Even though she was born in Boston to American parents, the former yoga teacher has been criticized for making up a Spanish accent and not correcting articles that said she was Latina.

After this, many people on social media sites found out that her real name is Hilary, not Hilaria, as she had said before.

She spent her childhood in both Spain and the United States, so she was able to speak both English and Spanish well. She spoke more than one language. A source says that, despite this, a large number of people have accused her of lying to the public about her heritage on purpose.

No matter what the case is, let’s all agree that we hope she’s having a good time with her birthday fans.