Alcohol side effects become a concern if one is a regular drinker. Often the consequences are severe. However, this is only if the person is a regular drinker. Or, the quantity of intake is large.

But the recent revelations of a study is even more shocking. According to this study, the damage in the brain progresses even in the absence of alcohol. Yes, this is exactly what this study has concluded.

Nothing happens even if you quit drinking or abstain from it for longer periods of time. The damage of the brain progresses irrespectively.

Alcohol side effects- how the brain functions

The brain is made up of a very vital tissue called White matter. It is made of the nerve fibers. These nerve fibers are associated with learning. Moreover, other important brain functions.

Alcohol side effects
Alcohol side effects persists even after one quits drinking
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Scientists recently reported their findings in JAMA Psychiatry. They have found that drinking alcohol affects the white matter of the brain. It damages the white matter.

According to the study, this progresses even after a person has quit drinking.

There have been other studies which have been conducted on the effects of alcohol. These studies show that the structure of white matter changes.

This is because of the consumption of alcohol. Moreover, this happens even if the person drinks moderate amounts of alcohol.

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This often leads to cognitive decline. Especially as the person gets old.

However, the recently conducted study is different. It studies the person once he/she gets sober. And the conclusion of the study is not pleasant.

Alcohol side effects-the study and its conclusions

The study has two parts. One has been conducted on humans and the other on rats. The brains of the objects of the study were scanned by the researchers. This was done using a diffused weighted MRI.

Alcohol side effects-does the brain damage persists even after quitting
Alcohol side effects
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The conclusions of this study are expectedly shocking. The patients were on six weeks of abstinence.

And still, there were negative signs in the change of white matter. This means that the brain continues to degenerate even if you quit drinking.

However, scientists say that the damages are continuing even after six weeks of abstinence.

However, this might change if the study is continued for a longer period of time. They are planning to conduct studies for a longer period of time. This is to reach solid conclusions.

There are researches which show that after quitting alcohol, the brain can get back to normal functioning. But whether it is completely healed or not is still a question.