Alcohol is good for brain health- says recent study

It is said that “in vino veritas” but that is not all. We have a good news for all the alcohol drinkers. It might come as a surprise for many but drinking alcohol is good for the brain health.

Yes you have read it correct. It might come as a surprise you and many. However, it is actually true.

However, this too has a catch.

Is alcohol really good for your brain health?

Despite this being true that alcohol is good for health. This is especially for the brain health.

But this does not mean that you rush to the pub. This is applicable only when the use of alcohol is moderate.

Alcohol is good for brain health- says recent study
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Moreover, it also includes eating healthy. Which also includes fruits, pulses and vegetables in the diet.

Moreover, low-fat dairy products as well as fish is also included. However, apart from eating healthy, one has to avoid the unhealthy as well.

Study says that alcohol is good for health

Recently, a study was conducted related to effect of alcohol on the brain health. It was published from Queen’s University Belfast.

According to the study, moderate alcohol as a part of diet is good. This is especially for the middle age people.

Moreover, it is for the brain health. However, the study needs to be researched further. This is for the confirmation of the above results.

Alcohol is good for brain health- says recent study
Benefits of alcohol
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Other benefits

Apart from this, alcohol is said to have other positive effects. Some of these include less risk of heart diseases.

This includes both developing one and dying from that. Moreover, it also reduces the risk of ischemic stroke. There are also possible chances of alcohol reducing risk of diabetes.

Red wine is also good for your health. This is because of the antioxidants. Moreover, it is said that red wine has the most health factors linked to it. This is in comparison to all other alcohols.

However, all of this is only if consumption is moderate. Excessive intake of alcohol causes several diseases. And is never recommended.