On Monday, Netflix has made a huge announcement for the entire movie and television industry in New Mexico. It is going to set up its own production studios in Albuquerque.

This city of New Mexico will be the new production hub for the company. Located on the south-eastern part of the Albuquerque, the studio is the first studio that Netflix owns in the United States. The studio comprises eight sound stages, mill space, production offices and a back lot. It also features an extensive variety of production which supports from in-house lighting.  



Although the deal has not been finalized yet, but the officials of the Netflix reveals that a part of the agreement guarantees approximately a billion dollars of production is shot in the next ten years which will create production jobs up to one thousand every year. Warren stated in his interview that their experience of producing films and shows in New Mexico inspired them to jump at a chance to establish a new production hub.



Warren is also grateful to Mayor Keller, Governor Martinez and the people of New Mexico for providing the opportunity and creating a new ‘Home away from home’ in Albuquerque.

Source : KRQE