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AJ Green Trade Deal with Patriots to Replace Antonio Brown in NFL Week 6?

AJ Green Trade Deal New England Patriots Antonio Brown NFL Week 6

After releasing Antonio Brown, the Patriots are looking for a replacement to support Tom Brady and AJ Green could be the perfect fit.

NFL Week 6 is about to start and also the October trade deadline is coming up, which means that teams will be hurrying to make some new deals. AJ Green has not played a single game for the Cincinnati Bengals due to his injuries and even after his recovery, he doesn’t plan for the same.

The Bengals are a lost cause with 0-5 in the 2019 NFL season and Green wants to join a contender team. One of the teams that can offer the wide receiver a new deal is the New England Patriots.

Replacement for Antonio Brown

Replacement for Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown was released from the New England Patriots after the reports of sexual harassment case came out. Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner doesn’t want any kind of trouble and removed Brown even before the verdict was out.

While Brown has been unstable outside the field, he was great while playing the game. It is why the Patriots need someone to replace Brown as a wide receiver and they are looking at several options. Tom Brady is forced to work out with rookies as most of the Patriots players are injured.

AJ Green leaving Bengals to join the Patriots

AJ Green leaving Bengals to join the Patriots

AJ Green has been sitting on the sidelines of the Bengals team every week and is getting frustrated over their poor performance. Even the Cincinnati team is looking for a replacement to Green as they want to rebuild their roster for the next NFL season.

It is also reported that Green is skipping Week 6 practice sessions for the game against the Baltimore Ravens. It could only mean one thing that the Bengals and Green are not getting back together, time for a new trade deal has come up. The Patriots are waiting for a signal and will soon sign AJ Green to replace Antonio Brown for the rest of the 2019 NFL season.

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