African penguins also familiar as Cape penguins were found roaming the streets of Simon’s Town in the absence of humankind. Amid this pandemic, the majority of the population is locked inside except essential services. Due to which the city streets are open for the wilds as an opportunity.

According to the video published by SANCCOB on the social media platform, these penguins were in a mood to wander the streets outside Cape Town. The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds says “its rangers have had their hands full.”

In this crisis when the current situation is tossing up, these popular penguins are making the nation feel quite relieved. Mikaela Slier- a trooper in the suburb of Simon’s Town, has been allocated to look after the penguin’s colony which lives nearby to the city mankind. This reveals the influence of work upon him to keep both wild and humans safe and unharmed.

What is the video of the penguins all about?

In the video, the trio penguins are seen crossing the road and happily jumping onto the walkway. This delighting moment was captured by Mikaela Slier- one of the foundation’s penguin rangers.

African penguins are quite freely roaming around without bothering anyone’s presence around. It’s like a lifetime chance that they do not want to miss anyhow. African penguins come under endangered species and are firmly confined to South Africa. They usually get scared by the people around them. But as they could found no one- they are strolling as much as they could. Meanwhile, SANCCOB workers are doing great in pandemic by keeping these wild penguins safe and diverting them back to their colony.

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SANCCOB is a significant initiative and works for a mighty cause to protect and save threatened species for the benefit of the environment and coming generations. The foundation also collaborates on research projects and spread awareness regarding conservation and promoting wildlife since 1968.