All of us love our dogs, and there is nothing in the world we won’t do to make them smile. Our little four-legged bundles of joy melt our hearts and warm our homes with their affectionate personality. We love running our fingers through their fur and giving them tummy rubs. Watching their tiny tails wag as they run around the house. Not to mention, their tiny teeth, when they smile, are just priceless! However, some of those teeth can be sharp like a needle, especially if your little puppy has recently turned into a full-fledged doggo.

Since we’re obsessed with their smiles, we are going to share with you something that will make you smile too. “Toofers” is a Reddit community dedicated to the lovely smiles of our fur friends. People over there share photos of their dogs showing off their teeth and everyone loves it. So, we’ve decided to share that happiness with you by showing you some of the best photos of dogs hilariously displaying their toofers. Check them out below!

#1 “Hehe! Snuggle me!”

#2 This guy looks surprised

#3 Aww, this one’s sleepy

#4 The face you make when someone cracks a joke and you don’t quite understand it

#5 Look at those two toofers

#6 Just woke up from the best nap ever!

#7 This guy has a million-dollar smile

#8 He’s got silver needles! So fancy…

#9 Love how his ears are moved back

#10 “Look at my big boy toofers!”

#11 “This blankie is delicious!”

#12 This one looks like Sid from the ice age

#13 Doc, check this out!

#14 The face you make when you’re about get in trouble

#15 This one has a rubber nose

#16 “I’m a redhead!”

#17 “I must taste this fabric.”

#18 Look at those tiny gems!

#19 “Hooman, take a picture of my bunny teeth.”

#20 A big smile and an even bigger heart.

#21 “Ayy… I didn’t do it!”

#22 Say cheese!

#23 “Check out my toofers!!”

#24 “Check out my toofers!!”