All dogs are cute but hear us out- Corgis are simply the best (sorry for picking sides). C’mon, don’t you think? What, you don’t? No worries because by the end of this post you are simply going to fall in love with these cuties (and who knows you might end up getting one for yourself). 

There are over 100 dog breeds and out of them, only Corgis are a few that can twerk. That is so COOL. Corgis have chubby little paws and trust us you would never want to let them go after a paw-shake. Probably that’s why Queen Elizabeth II has had so many Corgis. 

Tracing the history of Corgis, we found that this doggo breed is descended from the line of northern spitz-type dogs. Also, Corgis are cattle herding dog breeds and they come from Pembrokeshire. And the best thing- they are not high maintenance dogs and have a lifespan of nearly 15 years. Not to mention this doggo breed just loves attention. 

Scroll down and have a look at these angles wrapped in fur and fill your day with paw-sitivity. 

1. Most of the corgis are looking for the ball at this corgi meet up. One dog seems to have his mind on something else.

2. This corgi is so sad even the tile is frowning.

3. Perhaps the perfect jump in motion.

4. Something is not quite right here.

5. What happens when a corgi poops pumpkin seeds? They are a proud papa.

6. Just a man and his corgi.

7. A corgi mama, all worn out.

8. In versus out.

9. What a fun thing to watch!

10. Just a puppy sleeping in the kitchen.

11. Corgi burrito.

12. Here I am.

13. Snoot hoop.

14. It’s like a corgi Where’s Waldo.

15. It’s freaking him out.

16. Fun in the snow.

17. BFF.

18. Best corgi ever.

Did you find Corgis funny? If yes, share them with your loved ones.