Yuki, the dog had suffered from an ear infection. So, his family decided to give him a cone so that he doesn’t scratch his ear. Now, no dog likes to get a cone and so did Yuki. He tried his best to get rid of it, but his family kept putting it back.

Finally, when the time was over from Yuki to wear the cone, he decided to take a revenge on it. One day, while he was playing in the yard, he noticed the cone lying. The boy tried his best to destroy it, but rather the cone got him better.

“Whilst I was in the kitchen I realized that Yuki was not around, so I had a look in the garden, and there he was standing in shame,” Mohammad Ali, Yuki’s dad, told Hiptoro.

Yuki’s dad quickly freed him and went away but the dog managed to get stuck in the position a couple of times.

“He never learns his lesson,” Ali said.