Adam Devine here. He’s the guy from Pitch Perfect and Workaholics, so you may know him. Last year, he wed Chloe Bridges from Pretty Little Liars.

Adam Levine, on the other hand, is this. In the midst of an ALLEGED infidelity scandal, Mr. Levine ALLEGEDLY requested that his third kid be given the name of Sumner, the woman he had an ALLEGED year-long affair with. Oh my.

Due to how similar their names are, Adam #1 rushed to Instagram to clarify that he is not Maroon 5’s lead singer.

I just wanted to report that my wife Chloe Bridges and I are doing fantastic and are going strong,” he said.

“I am not Adam Levine. He’s a different guy and a worse singer.”

“We are, however, naming our future baby Sumner,” he added.


What a wonderful moment to be alive.