New York has passed a law so as to protect the access to abortion by women. The bill has been passed on the 46th anniversary of Roe V. Wade. It was 46 years ago when the Roe v. Wade decision was issued by the Supreme Court thereby legalizing abortion.

This had therefore led to the misconception that the Supreme Court alone determines that whether abortion is accessible or not.

The Abortion Protection Bill

The abortion protection bill promises to preserve the access to abortions. This abortion protection bill will also remove the criminal code of the state. The abortion protection bill will protect the doctors as well as the medical professionals who perform abortions from the criminal prosecution.

The abortion protection bill will now allow the medical professionals to perform the abortions in New York. These medical professionals are those who are not doctors.

Abortions become Accessible in New York
New York takes measures to protect the right to abortion. Source: Axios

According to the old law abortion had criminal penalties and the doctor as well as the professional could be held liable criminally.

Abortion Protection Law addresses late term abortions

This abortion protection law also addresses late term abortions. The abortion protection bill is more about the safety of the mother so as to respect the women.

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It is to give them the basic right to be able to make the decisions related to healthcare. The abortion protection bill marks as a historic vote to protect not just the rights but also the autonomy of the women.

The reproductive health care has been observed as a fundamental right by the Reproductive Health Act. It also recognizes the range of medical professionals that the women can approach during reproductive concerns. This will thus expand the access to early healthcare by women.

Abortions become Accessible in New York
Abortion becomes accessible in New York
Source: FoxCarolina

The other side of the Abortion Protection Bill

However, despite all the good that the abortion protection law has got, it still has certain disadvantages. According to Nicole Malliotakis, the State Assembly Rep. The bill actually expands the abortion up to birth as well as third trimester.

Moreover, the abortion protection bill also allows the medical professional other than the doctors to perform abortions which might be risky as it requires licensed physician.

Removing the criminal code from the law will now mean that even if the fetus dies because of an assault on a woman, she cannot put charges against it.

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