abandoned dog tied to a hydrant

When an animal shelter takes in a stray dog, it’s hard to tell what happened before it got there.

Sometimes there are clues that can inspire hope for the people caring for that animal. If the dog has a chip, that means it ran away from its owner, who is worried about how long it will take to get the dog back.

Other clues show that the dog was either left behind or escaped a worse fate than the previous owner had in mind.

It’s understandable to become enraged when we hear about cases like that, but some circumstances are more complicated and come as a result of a situation that left an otherwise caring owner desperate.

It was clear to one chapter of the Human Society in Wisconsin that this was the background behind some powerful photos that recently went through social media.


A dog that was tied to a fire hydrant was captured in two photos uploaded to Facebook by a Green Bay, Wisconsin woman.

She explained in her post that the fact that the dog was sitting near a backpack gave her hope that she would be found.

But as Engelhardt wrote, “Sat outside with her for an hour keeping her warm waiting for someone to come back but no one did.”


The dog that was brought to the Wisconsin Humane Society after calling the police was later identified as Baby Girl.

Workers were able to learn the dog’s name from a note left behind by her previous owner, who said they couldn’t take care of her.

Albeit the full items in this note were not unveiled, they appeared to allude to the clinical difficulties this individual was going through.


The backpack was packed with care.

People reported that it contained food, treats, toys, and other items that workers believed to be Baby Girl’s favorite things.

Baby Girl remains under their attentive care and is currently serving a mandatory “stray hold” period at the shelter. The staff is looking for leads to identify the animal’s previous owner, but they are also preparing to find another family for Baby Girl.


They understood that the photos of Baby Girl would make people cry, but they wanted the owner to know they weren’t as angry.

As a delegate from the Humane Society mentioned on Facebook, they could see from how they gathered the sack, the manner in which they kept Baby Girl from being hit by a vehicle by tying down her to the hydrant, and the permeability of where they left her that this was a caring individual pursuing a hard choice to leave behind their closest companion.

In the representative’s words, “We see your love in the note you left, pleading for someone to help her when you no longer could.”