You might have heard buzzwords like healthy lifestyle, fresh frutis, and balanced diet. But have you ever entirely ditched junk food? No? Well, neither we. While a lot of people eat fast food because they like it, some people eat it because that’s the only food they can afford. 

A Twitter user, also a doctor named Emily Potter, says that we should not judge overweight people who eat at McDonald’s and other similar outlets because they might be able to afford only that kind of food. 

After this tweet, several people shared their reaction. Some are sympathizing with the statement, while others don’t agree. 

A doctor on Twitter defends those eating junk food by saying that people with lower income may be unable to afford healthier options

She gives an example from her own experience when she ate a full meal from McDonald’s for $3.25 while a pound of raspberries at Walmart cost $8.96

Dr. Porter also points out that not everyone has supermarkets near their homes and can buy fresh food

Furthermore, cooking is a lot of work and after a long, tiring day, pre-made meals are just more convenient

There are some conflicting opinions in the comments, but everyone has their reasoning