A Quiet Place was one of the most successful movies of last year and it garnered a lot of attention. It was made just on the budget of $20 million and collected $188 million in the US and $340 million in other parts of the world.

The story of A Quiet Place was based on an original concept where people are living in a dystopian world under the fear of alien monsters. The aliens only respond to sound and kill whoever makes a noise.

The movie made John Krasinski as an overnight star, breaking his character from The Office. It also starred his real-life wife Emily Blunt in the leading. A sequel was in talks after the success of the first movie and finally, we have some good news. Here are the details that we know about the sequel movie called A Quiet Place 2.

A Quiet Place 2: New Cast and First Shot

John Krasinksi will also direct and star in the sequel to the A Quiet Place which has now officially started production. He shares the first shot of the film to Twitter which indicates the horror content might be increasing in the next movie.

Cillian Murphy, who has been part of movies such as Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and the popular BBC drama Peaky Blinders will be part of the sequel. Another actor Brian Tyree Henry who has starred in the horror film Child’s Play will also join the cast. As both the actors are known for their solid performance, they will most likely play a human character. There might be some new names also attached who will do the mocap of the alien monsters.

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Plot Details and Release Date

The first movie A Quiet Place ended with the Abbott family finding out the weakness of the aliens. The ending was very vague and was set up in a way that further sequels can be easily made. A Quiet Place part 2 might focus on the humans taking the fight to the monsters.

The sequel has just started production and will take around 6 months to a year. It might be easily the year 2020 when the second part of A Quiet Place is released. There might be a trailer around the end of the year if the movie schedule goes as planned.