When we think of Korea, we imagine a diverse place that has everything from highly developed technologies, delicious food, magnificent skyscrapers to a diverse culture. And when we imagine these things, we couldn’t control our desire of visiting this dreamy place. 

But it turns out that Korea also has a dark secret that is hidden from the world. Well, we are talking about Goshiwon. It’s actually a small room that has everything you need. But the thing is that these rooms are so tiny that you can’t even stretch out. 

Scroll down to know who lives in such rooms and why people choose to live there. 

Goshiwon is built for examinees preparing for various tests.

We interviewed Sim and he told us that “the rooms are pretty small, only for sleeping and studying.”

However, today Goshiwon has become a low-cost living space for people who are poor and end up living on the streets.

Living in this place has advantages and disadvantages.

“However, my first time living in Goshiwon was better than what I expected. I could live a simple life with few pieces of clothing and luggage in a small room. It was a place that made me feel the charm of a minimalist life unintentionally,” added Sim.

Goshiwon is a good start.

“For this reason, some young people, who have just taken their first step into the real world, live in Goshiwon until they save up enough money to rent a house.”

The cost varies for each room.

The Goshiwon in Sim’s photos is the cheapest and its rent is about $200. Others have slightly better facilities and cost about $500. A room including a bathroom is more expensive and is typically an additional $5.