A missile in space shot down by the United States Warship. In the latest test of the military’s advanced technology, a missile of the medium range was shot down in space by the US Navy warship.



The sailors abroad checked the missile’s target by using a standard missile-3 Block. This test was held on the west coast of Hawaii by the USS John Finn, said the Defence Agency of the Pentagon’s Missile on Friday.

In order to shoot down the enemy global enraged missiles, this missile is designed. As the ballistic missiles approach in space the SM-3 interceptors finish them.An utter impact only used for this, for instance- when a truck of 10-ton is hit which is traveling at a speed of 600 meters per hour.

This report was started by a defense company named Raytheon who develop the interceptor missile for US- Japanese joint project. The interceptor works as Aegies Ballistic Defence system’s part.

Source: Fox News



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