The world isn’t as it appears. Just past the points of confinement of our vision exists a small universe that coaxes to be investigated by inquisitive and oversize people. Magnifying lens gives a window into that modest universe and gifted picture takers and videographers over the world. They have utilized the apparatuses to archive it in detail for a considerable length of time. With each passing year, magnifying lens photographs show signs of improvement through the gear and strategies.

This picture was taken by Al Habshi at United Arab Emirates. It includes the compound eye of Asian red palm weevil which is a large portion of an inch since quite a while ago enriched with splendid green scales. This animal is famous as ‘Metapocyrtus subquadrulifer.’ This picture portrays the wow factor.

Habashi expressed in an official statement that through photo-micrography you can locate a radical new and excellent world which has not seen previously. It resembles finding what lies under the surface of the profound and blue sea.

Source : Business Insider

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