This is the age of the technology revolution. With every passing second, a new technology is emerging and a hell lot of memory hungry applications are getting released in the market.

And all these upgrades require a computer with sufficient RAM. And now, anything less than 8 GB of RAM is trash. Computer experts are saying that a normal office computer must have 8GB of RAM, while video editing and gaming systems should go for 16GB RAM or above.

But you have to make sure that if you’re still on the older versions of Windows like the 32 bit Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10, you have to update your OS, as all the mentioned ones can only manage 4GB RAM.

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Here’s a simple hack for your computer. Just like we say that there is more in two halves than in one full, the same is applicable for your RAM too. Two smaller memory modules will speed up your computer more than one larger one. So, instead of one 8GB, go for two 4GB modules. Also, the experts believe that the correct method of installation is necessary too.

Source- The Star