A toilet company is looking to pay someone $10,000 to poo.

Yeah, as strange as it might sound, it’s totally true. There are all sorts of weird jobs out there, aren’t there? You can’t predict what will be the big next craze in job advertising. One day it’s writing you might be working on AI or whatever, the next it’s having a dump.

About the Company

Tushy is the name of the company (of course it is) – and they want to pay you $10,000 (8000 pounds) to have regular visits to their toilet. I bet that’s more than what you are currently getting paid to sh*t.

The job they’re advertising for is the “VP for Fecal Matters,” which sounds pretty gross in itself. The job requires you to do the aforementioned stuff, as well as test all Tushy’s new products, write a review about them on social media and interview others about their bathroom habits and incidents.

No-one wants to talk about that, do they? So I suppose you’re going to have to be pretty charismatic too, I guess.

Tushy Job Advert says:

TUSHY is looking for our first VP of Fecal Matters to ASSist in the day to day op-poo-rations of our #Bidet2020 campaign.

With guidance from our Chief Pooping Officer, Dr. Mark Hyman, our new VP of Fecal Matters will be testing and studying their own pooping habits and documenting it via TUSHY’s social media.

This will be a fart-time, (about the average time you spend on the toilet per week), $10,000 contract role.

On day one, the new VP of Fecal Matters will have a one-on-one with Dr. Mark Hyman and TUSHY’s founder Miki Agrawal to plan out their dooties.

By week two, the VP of Fecal Matters will have assembled a butt-ton of data around their bowel movements based on their diet and research.

By their final week, they will have converted more buttholes to the TUSHY movement through their research and content“.

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Oh, and by the way, you have to be at least 21 to be eligible for being the “VP for Fecal Matters”.