A comeback Win of Lakers


The match started with many expectations between Los Angeles Lakers & Dallas Mavericks. Both the team had to put in their best efforts and energy to win the match. Los Angeles Laker began their playing in a very slow mode and for Dallas it was a great opportunity. To everybody’s surprise, the sluggish playing of Los Angeles turned swiftly and completely managed the Dallas by scoring 114-103 and it has to be obviously called as a Comeback win for the Lakers.

In the first quarter of the game, Lonzo Ball and Ingram were the limelight players in the list of Lakers. Having grabbed this opportunity Mavericks kicked off the game with a score of 8-2 run and continued to leas with 13 points. Ball’s playing activity kept them forwarding in the match.

Ball gave a hit in the second quarter of the game with 2 points and moved up in swirl by scoring 10-0 which was only 5 points low to match their deficit with Dallas. Following this both the teams have picked up their speed and mounted their scores back to back. Kuzma got on his swiftness and scored nearly 13 points which paved way a winning way for the Lakers to move their shortage from 78-75 and started leading the fourth quarter.

James as he expected ,he had to give back the kicks to the balls of Lakers and in the fourth quarter by scoring 11 points he saved Mavericks and gave a way for his team to a comeback. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Josh Hart were having a flow to keep the Lakers afloat and continued in maintaining the lead. This is their winning match which resulted in two consecutive successes in the line and won totally seven out of 10 past games.

Source 1: Lakers Nation, Msn

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