Do you recall the Polish town where each home is decorated with painted flowers? In order to keep her community of Louka, Czech Republic, as beautiful as possible, a 90-year-old resident spends each spring and summer painting regal blue flower patterns on window and door frames.

Former agricultural worker Aneka (Agnes) Kapárková learned how to decorate walls from a local woman who had been doing it for years. She makes elaborate flower wall murals that are modeled after traditional Moravian (southern Czech) art using vivid blue paint and a little brush. Although she received both local and viral recognition, she has stated that she only paints houses for fun. She admitted to the Czech media, “I am an artist. I just like painting walls and I want to contribute.

Particularly when it comes to embracing your creativity, age really is only a number. If you would want to hire this talented old lady to decorate your home, scroll down to watch her in action. If not, please let us know.

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