A retired veterinarian has firmly devoted his 60+ years in developing custom wheelchairs for disabled pets. Dr. Lincoln Parkes is known for his specially built custom-made carts with adjustable allowances in regards to pets measurements.

Dr. Parkes after retiring from veterinary surgery continued his work in helping thousands of animals. This kind act has assisted in regaining movement in dogs, cats, rabbits, and even in chickens as well.

Dr. Parkes is now the owner and director of K-9 Cart Company, which goals to serve your handicapped pets every need.

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He got the idea when his customer’s dog was smacked in a car accident. Even after surgery, the dog couldn’t make it to normal cause his below-waist body was no longer functional.

But Dr. Parkes’s determination made it possible for the handicapped dog to lead a normal life.

And after this incident, Dr. Parkes never stopped creating customed-carts

It was early 1960’s when he decided to open a wheelchair shop for dogs. It can be easily inferred that Dr. Parkes’s love for dogs is eternal. After that, he never looked back.

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People usually dream of enjoying and spending long vacations on the beach after retirement. But this man went on to work on the things that he truly values.

Dr. Parkes was an orthopedic veterinary surgeon at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. His heart was for animals and so he wanted to produce something worthwhile just to save the animals. He realized there is nobody around who could do this and decided to give joy out of his hands. He says –

“I retire every day around midnight. That’s the only retirement I get, but I’m having fun doing something useful.”

Dr. Parkes secured his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University. And known to open the first private veterinary orthopedic specialty practice in the United States. He was amongst the first veterinarians trained in the AO Foundation method of internal fixation of fractures and performed over 3000 spine surgeries in his career.

He has remarkably used his experience gained over the years in building specialized carts for paraplegic animals. His main focus in building these handy carts was that the dogs – able to walk with minimum stress and maximal mobility.

“When the people see their dog, that’s my paycheck”

Dr. Parkes continued doing carts as a side spn-off beside his career as a veterinary surgeon. Who knew then, that it would rapidly become a lifelong love affair. And started spending his days designing specialty carts for his fluffy and furry friends. Parkes said –

“I like to give animals a better life. If you put them in a cart when they can’t get around, it gives them mobility so they can use their front legs, and their spirit just goes – they’re like kids once they got their independence.”

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Let us hear words from the owner – Amy Deisher. Her corgi was diagnosed with a paralyzing degenerative disease, making it hard for the corgi to walk. She told –

“It made a dramatic difference, Prior to going into the cart he was dragging his hind end, he wouldn’t do his normal activities. It made me very happy, that he could do what he used to do.”

Nothing is so soothing to the eyes when your customer smiles. This man proved that nobody can stop if you will to do so and says –

“When the people see their dog, that’s my paycheck.”

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Here are a few words from Doris Hagenbucher, who shared her thoughts on the company’s site –

“The support of your company has made Little Fritzel a blessed and happy little Maltese. He adjusted to the cart at once and was ready for a wonderful walk. Fritzel can turn-around and back up on command with no effort… I am recuperating from hip surgery and on a cane so we look like the disabled leading the disabled with no problems walking together it is wonderful.”

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Parkes created everything by his own hand. He custom-makes each one to ensure that each animal gets the best.

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Dr. Parkes has healed the hearts of many owners

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This 92 years old vet doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. He’s kind, he’s active and is still doing custom carts to save the lives of many adorable dogs.

Check out the video below!