In 2013, fake goods were worth $461 billion around the world. Nike is the brand that gets copied the most around the world. Ray-Ban, Rolex, Supreme, and Louis Vuitton are the brands that get copied the most. Even though some copies look almost exactly like the originals, there are some small differences you should be aware of.

At Hiptoro, we want you to be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake version of some of the most well-known brands.


Nike shoes

  • The texture of Nike Air shoes can’t be copied by people who make fakes. This is because both their materials and their tools are different. So, real Nike shoes will have leather that is harder than fake ones.
  • You will also need to look at how the shoes fit together. If something doesn’t look like it should, it could be fake.



  • Ray-Ban lenses with plastic frames are real if they are made in one piece. If the frame is made of metal, the middle part must be neat. It can have small details, but no points should stick out.
  • The lenses are usually made of real glass, but some are made of plastic. Go to the manufacturer’s site to find out if yours is one of them.
  • The Ray-Ban logo is written in the upper right corner of the right lens. It’s written on the surface of the lens, so you can’t get rid of it.
  • The name of the manufacturer should also be written on the outside of the temples. The item’s serial number is usually on the left, and the country where it was made is usually on the right.
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FILA shoes

  • If you look at the stitching on the “F” on your Fila shoes, you will see that it isn’t perfect. All of the original Fila shoes look like this. What is not normal is for the top two edges of the letter “F” to be very sharp. On the fake shoes, these edges almost touch the square around the logo, which shouldn’t be the case.
  • Next, look at the toe cap’s details, especially the front holes. If there isn’t the same amount of space between each hole, you probably bought a fake pair of shoes.
  • Also, the logo on the heel could be totally different. This logo is the same as the one on the tongue of the original shoes.


Burberry scarf

  • The real scarf will always have clear lines and a thick texture.
  • The fringe yarns on a scarf should be well rolled and spaced out so that they don’t fall apart when touched.
  • On the label that goes on the item, the brand name must be written in capital letters. Also, the label must have information about where the scarf was made and what it is made of.


Gucci handbags

  • First, look at the two letters “G” on the front of your bag. The G’s serifs should be long and thin, not thick. Also, the part of the G that is rounded should be an oval, not a point. If the logo is fuzzy, it’s probably not real.
  • A real Gucci bag will have even stitching, so pay close attention to that. If the stitching on your bag appears uneven or is a different color than the bag itself, you should assume it is a fake.
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Supreme sweatshirt

  • This brand’s hooded and unhooded sweatshirts have two dark red labels on the collar. On the first, which is bigger, the name of the brand is written in a circle around the letter R. On the second, you can see that it was made in Canada. On the care instructions label, which is on the inside of the item, it should say not to iron the item. Most people who make copies don’t pay attention to this detail.
  • On sweatshirts with embroidered logos, the letters should be in the same place on the red part, and there should be enough space between them. If you turn a real sweatshirt inside out, you can see that the back of the logo is made of a fine mesh of white threads.
  • The only thing that goes with the hoods on Supreme sweatshirts is flat laces that are tied at the ends. If the laces are round, burned at the ends, or have different kinds of endings, this is a sign that they are fake.


Adidas Yeezy tennis shoes

  • First, you have to look at the wave pattern on the original Yeezy. It should be sideways and have a random pattern of waves.
  • The next thing to look at is the tongue of the shoes. The tongues of the real Yeezys are more curved, while the tongues of the fakes are much straighter.
  • Check to see if the Adidas logo on the inside of each shoe is the same size. Sometimes you might notice that their sizes are different.
  • Check the stitching on the inside, too, because it might look like a beginner did it.
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New Balance sneakers

  • There are brand symbols on the back, the tongue, the side, the side of the sole, the sole itself, and the insoles of New Balance shoes. On the side of the sneaker, the logo is a patch in the shape of the letter N.
  • The soft soles of the original slippers are made of foam, which makes them easy to compress and quick to return to their original shape. Rubber is used to make the sole guard. Real New Balance shoes have a perforation, the brand’s logo, the shoe’s size, and information about the model.


Michael Kors Handbag

  • The brand only puts cream-colored labels on its bags. These labels have the product’s serial number, color, material, dimensions, price in US dollars, and a unique bar code.
  • The brand name is written on every part of the original bags. It is used on magnetic clips, handle rings, clasps, carabiners, and fasteners.
  • The brand’s genuine bags are made of a thick material that doesn’t change shape even when the item is packed and shipped.